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Baby Shower Photos – Anthony Zuniga and Stephanie Theole

By January 21, 2012Baby, Blog, Shoots

Last month I was invited to my good buddy Anthony and Stephanie’s baby shower. I can’t wait till she arrives! Okay, just kidding, I’m writing this post a bit late and it’s already outta the womb! Congrats on the two for they’re little baby Akira! This is Anthony’s first baby. It’s actually kind of exciting to see all the close friends and family of mine having so many babies, I think this is the fourth in the past year! I’ll be back to this site and update you with the new baby Akira photos soon!

Of course my camera joined me and here were some of the moments I was able to capture.

My favorite Maliya – Also known as Ma-ri-yah! Haha, She’s going to be a great older sister.

Wendy and her children.

Some photos of Leslie and Jacob’s baby Holly…
More photos of Holly…
My rare use of black and white…
Cute baby, way too tall for her age though, haha, apparently she’s in the top 90th percentile (height or length) of babies her age.

What do you say?


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