Looking For Webservices, Domains, and Hosting? I’ve purchased and hosted thousands of domains… and here are some of my top picks (aff links):


Host Providers:

  • Ramnode – Great uptime and customer service. (I have many sites on these servers)
  • SiteGround – Bulletproof hosting, lightning fast customer service. Great for growing wordpress sites where your income depends on uptime.
  • Bluehost – Good for starting up. Customer service is very responsive and a very simple learning curve.
  • Digitalocean – Beast of VPS servers.



  • Shopify – The only real ecommerce platform I recommend
  • Sezzle – Add higher ticket sales with microfinancing and merchant processing


  • Namecheap – Best place to buy domains. One of the cheapest as far as renewals, plus FREE Privacy and $2.99 privacy renewals.
  • Godaddy – Pretty good customer service. Watch out for a lot of up-selling on items you won’t need. Privacy and renewals can get expensive in the long term.

Shopping much?



  • Turo – Awesome car rental
  • Airbnb – AirBNB nuff said