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Hi I’m Joseph Romana,

Industry leader in affiliate marketing and SEO. My large network of websites continue to generate both online and offline sales with up to 50,000 unique visitors per day. Over the course of my career I have generated 8 figures of sales for both affiliate and millions of dollars in personal e-commerce ventures.


After graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree from UC Irvine I continued my journey to work at a large defense contractor. –I thought I was set!

This lasted 5 long years until I realized it would not produce the life long goals I have professionally. –I was not passionate about my career, not one bit. 

I decided to leave the 9-5 to venture into online business which had no real professional education. –Was I crazy?

I started new websites and purchased existing websites to test SEO strategies that I studied and well, it worked. –Almost too well.

My first breakthrough was 4 months after quitting my job.

After designing/testing/trying random affiliate offers I stumbled upon my first $200 in a single day which grew to $350+ the very next day. Within that year growing an affiliate income in the 5 figure per day range. –My life changed.

That first year of leaving my job I was able to create a stream of “passive income” with just websites I was able to break into “six figures” working from home. –This amazed me.

But it wasn’t that easy, things would break, sites would go down, sites would disappear and affiliates wouldn’t even pay. –Shit got real.

To this day my passion in the industry continues as my work never feels like a job but a hobby. Doing something I loved made it easy to work from home, or anywhere.

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