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Lola Luz 80th Bday – Anaheim, CA

By August 29, 2012Parties

My awesome grandmother had her 80th Birthday celebration in Anaheim, CA last weekend. I had to post some of the memorable shots of this party. It’s always fun when we have these because it brings family from all sorts of different lands together – My cousins and family visited from Candadaland, Wisconson, Florida, even the Philippines! These events are sometimes overwhelming bringing together cousins, aunts, uncles and friends of which we see only in 5, 10, even 20 years increments.  Awesome week to say the least…

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This is uncle louie, he’s a crackup.The Speech.
The epic Mom and Dad dancing shot!

Before it ends…

My little cousin Baby James, heh… this guys got all the lines.

-“How do you know this family”

-“You’re lola’s daughter? you look too old”

-“Where’s my chicken nuggets”

-“My mom has a cousin named Adrian, and he’s gay”

And of course…

Lolas 80th Bday Photo Gallery

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What do you say?


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