Captcha Fail?

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Aw man… I know this has nothing to do with photography, but I thought I’d ask the audience on this one…? I’m not going to log in until I get the correct answer. I don’t care if you are my gmail.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

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Well I got baby showers, car photos, family portraits and random concert stuff… why not make it even more interesting adding a bunch of “fun” museum photos. Hah enjoy… oh btw, that’s not me.

Strange people…

Let’s remember I did not take these.

Nope, I didn’t know she was there.

Happy Tuesday!

Stock Product Photos

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So I usually don’t do product photography, but since I was asked to do these as a favor from my sister… AND, I spent soooo much time on them I will display the end result here. The client wanted a white background so it took hours to remove each of the products from the “white/off-white” background. I used pieces of paper held up by clothes hangers and several flashes to light these up. I just forgot to take a picture of the setup, my favorite shots 🙁 .